Relax Terpene Infused CBD Oil 1000mg


• 30ml bottle
• Isolate hemp extract (1000mg of CBD)
• Pipet capacity approx 0.5ml/16.65mg
• BRCGS compliant
• Non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp plants
• Vegan Friendly
• Independently lab tested for potency and purity
• Less than 0.01% THC (non-psychoactive)
• Indica blend terpene infused for relaxed effect

Relax 1000mg CBD Oil Lab Report

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Lively Canna Co Isolate Relax CBD Oil contains organic plant compounds known as terpenes, scientific discoveries suggest that use of cannabinoids such as CBD in conjunction with terpenes produce a different effect from use of the cannabinoid in its isolate form, this is known as the “entourage effect”. Our Relax CBD Oil has been formulated with a Indica terpene profile renowned for its calming and relaxing effect .

Our carry blend used is coconut derived medium chain triglycerides (MCT oil). MCT oil is one of the fastest sources of clean fuel for the body and brain.

The MCT molecular structure means there are fewer processes or steps for it in your body to convert it to caloric energy than carbohydrates, powering up your performance and giving you clean energy. 

Some studies show all these elements taken together, work synergistically to produce a greater therapeutic effect. Accurate active cannabinoid testing ensures you receive a bottle with a verified CBD measure and leaves nothing to guess work.

At Lively we like to assure our customers they are getting the very best when it comes to quality. Being one of the first brands in the UK to have been produced in a BRCGS certified facility (the first of it kind in europe) . Our products are safe , fully compliant and ahead of the game .

Lively Canna Co CBD is extracted from hemp plants in compliance with UK laws and legislations. Lively Canna Co contain NO THC and will not induce any psychoactive effects. Please not: similarly to vitamin supplements this product can achieve maximum potential efficiency in your body without you noticing an immediate dramatic physical effect. Lively Canna Co oils are not intended to be used as medication .

Our CBD products are always free of THC and come from a raw material supplier who like ourselves, adheres to the highest standards and already has both cGMP and ISO 9001 accreditation.  Furthermore, we have a strategic relationship with a multinational testing laboratory.  This ensures that our products are not only tested internally but they also independently tested and verified.


• Cannabidiol
• Terpenes (Indica profile)
• Medium chain triglycerides (MCT oil)

• Sublingual administration
• Added to post workout shakes or evening hot drink

Directions Of Use

Place desired amount under tongue and hold for 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing.

How Much To Use

Dosage will vary from person to person. Start on a low dose (3 or 4 drops) and increase until desired results are obtained. We recommend not exceeding 70mg of CBD per day unless advised by a qualified physician.


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