At Lively Canna Co – Providing our customers the highest quality of CBD products is something we pride ourselves on . Being one of the first CBD companies in the UK to be produced in a BRC-GS approved facility this is something we can guarantee .

The manufacturing facility in which our products are made have a very robust QMS in place and we our proud to report that just recently they passed an audit with an ‘A’ grade from BRC-GS which makes them only the world’s 2nd company with this certification. They have spent over 10 years studying cannabinoids, herbal medicine, mass manufacturing, product development, QC and analytics and previously, have delivered a CBD division for a pharmaceutical company developing methodologies of analysis and manufacture to avoid degradation and produce homogenous batches every time. 

When you order from Lively Canna Co’s range of high-quality CBD products, you can put your mind to rest because we use only the finest of materials. All our raw materials come from both cGMP and ISO 9001 accredited suppliers .

We test our oils every time a new batch is being made so we can guarantee high levels of consistency and quality from batch to batch. Furthermore the facility in which our products are manufactured have a strategic relationship with a multinational testing laboratory. This ensures that our products are not only tested internally but they also independently tested and verified.

As of the 1st of April 2021 companies selling CBD products must have their data validated in order to be legally compliant with novel foods regulation . We will ensure all of our products are completely legal and compliant for our customers to use and enjoy.

Due to the very confusing relationship CBD has had with the UK, many people still don’t know a lot of critical information about CBD.

Some of the most common questions we get are: 

  • Are CBD products legal?
  • Are CBD products safe?
  • Is a doctor’s prescription needed in order to obtain the oil? 
  • How much THC is in the product?
  • What is the Endocannabinoid System?
  • Does CBD/hemp oil even work?
  • Are there any psychoactive effects or side effects?
  • What extraction process was used?
  • What’s the difference between broad spectrum CBD oil and CBD isolate 

Once again, we definitely understand all these questions, especially after you find out that though CBD is legal in the UK, the industry is largely unregulated which is why there are so many CBD brands that:

  • Falsely claim to contain CBD (Cannabidiol) when they actually none at all
  • Claim a product contains far more CBD than it actually does
  • Refuse to share lab results for their CBD oil products
  • Use harmful extraction methods that leave behind contaminated plant materials
  • Make false claims about the miraculous things CBD cannot do

Typically, a CBD oil brand that doesn’t offer very many products is seen as not having enough range, but that simplicity is what gives us an edge in quality. All of our attention is set on providing our customers with the UK’s best and highest quality CBD products . Our range of products is far better quality than most of what you’ll find in high street stores.

Many CBD products in the UK are low quality, weak and contain very little CBD. By using these poor quality products , you’re missing out on the true CBD benefits.

Lively Canna Co CBD products display a figure of CBD content in mg/milligrams as opposed to displaying percentages. Please beware of percentages in other CBD products as they can be misleading, merchants usually decrease carrier oil volume to make a product appear to have more CBD !

So Why Choose Lively Canna Co’s CBD products ?


Premium CBD Products

We strive to create the highest quality CBD products accessible to anyone in the UK. Being produced in BRC-GS approved facility allows us to be able to meet the requirements of the global standard for food safety and demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with fully compliant and safe products to enjoy . All raw materials used in our products come from both cGMP and ISO 9001 accredited suppliers. No matter what strength you choose, you can trust that each of our products is crafted with care and commitment to quality.

Customer Support

Our customer service team can always be reached if you have any questions. Whether you need advice on the best product to choose, or if you have questions about CBD, we’re more than happy to help. You’re also welcome to reach out to us via instagram, email or give us a call. We’re here to help you on your CBD journey.

Lab Tested

In an industry with so much misinformation, it’s important that we back up what we say. That’s why every batch of CBD oil we produce is not only tested in house but also sent to an independent lab for testing. Third-party lab testing ensures that our CBD content is as advertised, and is free of chemicals and other harmful materials. The COA for each batch can be found on product pages or by emailing - and requesting a lab certificate.


All Lively’s CBD products derive from hemp cultivated to contain less than 0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This is then further purified to ensure that there is no more than 0.01% of THC in our products. With Lively Canna Co CBD products, there is absolutely no “high” feelings at any point.

Highest Standards

The UK may be behind when it comes to taking advantage of the wonders CBD has to offer, but Lively Canna Co is here to help pick up the pace. Our products are better than anything you’ll find in UK high street shops and is consistently effective because of our commitment to maintaining the highest global standards. Your health deserves nothing less.

Free UK Delivery

All orders dispatched within the UK will receive free postage and packaging.

We are going to go out on a limb and guess that Lively Canna Co is not the first site you’ve come across that sells CBD products in the UK. The market is flooded with not only countless brands to choose from, but also with different types of CBD products, flavours, concentrations and celebrity endorsements. Having to decide between that many options is cause enough to give up on purchasing any CBD product at all.

As industry standards emerge, it is becoming difficult to understand what sets one CBD brand apart from another. This is a fair viewpoint, and as long as a brand is using a high-quality extraction method, sourced from the hemp farms of Scandinavia or the US, has their oil tested by a reputable third party lab and fairly prices their products, it can seem as if the only difference is the packaging and the discounts they offer.

So back to the question: What is it about Lively Canna Co that makes us stand out in the UK?

We adhere to every standard that was listed above and more. At Lively we are and ready for the change in FSA novel food regulations. Being one of the first CBD brands in the UK to be produced in a BRC-GS approved facility we are proud to adhere to the global standard for food saftey and believe this is what separates us from the rest and puts Lively Canna Co ahead of the game.

Why is Lively Canna Co the best for buying CBD oil in the UK?


The only answer we can give you is that our CBD oil tinctures give hope back to the UK population that CBD oil really does work. As a country, we are behind in terms of quality when compared to the US, and the amount of CBD products on the UK market that are ineffective is staggering.

At Lively we’re interested in creating a natural alternative for people tired of poor quality products and companies too focused on the promise of easy riches instead of the big picture.
Our market is overrun with brands making outlandish claims or overseas companies that overcharge just to ship a quality product our way. That is why, we aim to offer local UK residents the best CBD products possible right on their very own doorstep.

With regulations ready to come into place and with the UK being the first country in the world to have a regulated CBD food products market, we have an opportunity to set the standard globally for CBD use, to offer our customers a long-term and reliable supply of legal, compliant and safe products.

Is CBD Oil Worth a Try?

Your skepticism is admirable, but we believe you’ve come to our site for a reason. However, it’s understandable that people still have doubts and concerns about the status of CBD in the UK considering the fact that we’ve have had such a complicated history with cannabis.
In order for companies to sell CBD as a medicine in the UK, the proper licensing had to be obtained from the MHRA. The alternative was to sell CBD products as a food or health supplement.

Now that cannabis is legal, CBD oil extracted from hemp or marijuana plants is legal but those from the marijuana plant require a prescription, while oils extracted from hemp are the ones sold in the high street shops (as supplements).

We can’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, but we can say that though our CBD oil (and any other derived from hemp) doesn’t require a prescription, the effects its had on peoples lives can’t be dismissed.

The industry may be just becoming regulated, but when you find a top-shelf oil that is made with the best hemp in the world, you can probably expect even better results than the thousands of people who were using CBD oil before it was ever recognised by the government.

If your wellbeing is important to you, taking the chance on a 100% natural supplement doesn’t sound too bad of an idea.

Lively Canna Co offer 4 variations of oil . 500mg & 1000mg natural broad spectrum CBD oils and our 500mg isolate terpene infused Energise and Relax CBD oil range . Each of these products has been chosen with a specific purpose in mind, based around our experience with CBD and the industry. 500mg is a fantastic starting option. 1000mg for the more experienced user, strong enough for general use without being excessive, and our 500mg Energise and Relax versions great for sporting professionals looking to add something new to their pre and post workout routines. By using premium organic raw materials made using high-quality extraction and production procedures, Lively Canna Co maintains high standards at all phases of production.

Third-party testing guarantees that our supplements are safe and free of additives so that this potent CBD oil can be taken without side effects.

Our oils start from just £39.99, offering incredible value for money. For more information or help choosing the right CBD oil for you, you can contact us directly through Instagram @livelycannaco_ or by Email –

Lively Canna Co products are not intended for medical use and are marketed as food supplements. Lively Canna Co blogs are researched and written by third party contractors, Lively Canna Co do not accept liability in any suggestions blog posts may imply, such as but not limited to dosages, uses, medicinal value (if any). Lively Canna Co blogs are written for information purposes only by advocates of plant based remedies, due diligence has been taken in analysing accuracy of information within these blogs. Please contact a medical practitioner if you need medical advice.